Expertise - Colormelt


Colormelt is a technique that blends the highlights with the base color of the hair so you don't have any harsh lines. It is a specific type of ombre that gradually transitions through different colors from roots to ends. Unlike a typical ombre style where there’s an obvious line of demarcation between the highlight and base color, color melting uses multiple shades to create the smooth "melted" effect. Whether you’re going from medium brown to pale blonde or dark violet to pastel pink, color melted hair looks super luxurious when done correctly.
* Made up of 3 or more colors
* Can be achieved using dark to light or light to dark
* Colors used must be in similar or the same color families to achieve maximum blending
* Colors are overlapped so they create seamless flow


Prices starting at $175.00 !!!

Actual price will be determined after consultation.
One of our Goldwell certified color specialists will set a final price depending on length and density of the hair being treated.

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